Healthy Gums

Healthy gum

Maintain Your Healthy Gums

Prevention and early detection are your best defenses against gum disease. Gum disease can kill more than just your smile. 

Research has identified a link between gum and heart disease, and other health issues. The bacteria associated with gum disease can enter your bloodstream and threaten your overall health.

Prevent Gum Disease with Quality Dental Care

  • Brush and floss daily
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Follow your dentist's instructions for any special needs you may have

Healthy Gums:

  • Are light pink in color (darker for people with darker complexions)
  • Are stippled, much like the surface of an orange
  • Are not tender or swollen
  • Don't bleed when brushing or flossing

Find Out What Treatment Will  Work For You

Since there are different stages of gum disease (from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis), there are different levels of treatment. If you're concerned about your gums, call Caring Dentistry to schedule an appointment.
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